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KayTrust Developer Space

What is KayTrust?

KayTrust is a complete digital identity solution comprised of:

  • A set of technical specifications around self-sovereign identity based on Internet standards
  • Reference implementations:
    • An SDK (currently for Java and Javascript/NodeJS) to make implementation easier for developers.
    • Ready-to-use software built on top of the libraries:
      • KayTrust Wallet. A mobile Wallet for users (free of charge).
      • KayTrust Provider. An enterprise server suite for organisations that wish to issue and manage credentials with minimal effort.

The purpose of this space is to make life easy for developers. You will eventually find specifications, library references, tutorials and examples on how to use the core libraries, as well as manuals to install, configure, use and extend KayTrust Provider and KayTrust Wallet.

Not all the documentation is available yet at this developer space is new, so please bear with us!

KayTrust Stack

What does Digital Identity mean?

Identity refers to 2 things:

  • Identifiers, i.e. unique and non-ambiguous strings used to refer to people, organizations, vehicles, building, etc. An email address, a phone number, a national ID number, a nickname or a physical address are all identifiers within a certain system.
  • Claims, i.e. what is said about those entities. It's also usually important to consider who says those things. For example "Individual with ID number 123 can drive" is useless without the information (and proof) of who claims it – typically a government entity. A set of claims, packed along with an issuing entity's identifier and a way to verify the whole thing, is called a credential.

The vision of decentralised digital identity

It is important to understand the vision behind self-sovereign identity: nobody (no company, not any government, etc.) may control, block, censure, delete or spoof users' identity, restrict what users may do with their identity, or access information that users didn't agree to share.

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